African Countries With High Salaries

Africa is known as the land with gold. The wealth of the world is excess in Africa. Find out the African Countries with high salaries. It will be a great pleasure to know that your nation or favourite African country is listed as being among the countries with high salaries. This is because a country that pays high show that the country is wealthy and is in good economy.

The salaries of different nations has a source from the global statistics. It is an honour to see your country in the exclusive list and see the future of your nation.

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There are many periods or occasions to celebrate and make merry. One of these periods is “month ending“. Countless African workers, either private or public sector are looking forward to their paycheck. There is hope and satisfaction on the beautiful faces of Africans across the street and in their homes.

Monthly paychecks aka Salaries is not just a reward to their hard work, patience and diligence. It is also complementary. It is a form of genuine congratulations to the work force of the federation. This form of complementary is very more appreciate with good living standards. African countries with high salaries have their work force give greater efforts and energy , so as to rise their nation economy to a greater height.

African countries with high salaries we have today have been sourced from an updated statistics chart from the notable payscale.

To make a reliable report on African countries with high salaries, a respondence service was initiated. The responses from these respondence will be evaluated, samples will be taken and analytical proceedings with be made perfected. The aim of this is to satisfy every possibilities and to clear all doubts that the salary chart is authentic, reliable and updated.

African Countries With High Salaries

In a jiffy, lets take a look on the African countries with high salaries. The salaries of these countries will be converted to US dollars to get an average across other nations.

  1. Morocco: The average salary of a public servant in Morocco is $2,050. This is the equivalent of an average salary earner when converted to dollars. With this amount of money, you can never worry about your daily needs.
  2. South Africa: Due to European influence on South Africa, there is a high income rate in the country. An average worker will earn $2,030 per month. This is still on a recommendable scale.
  3. Tunisia: North is known as “the place of power”. Tunisia, as a powerful North African country has a considerable high salary amidst its counterparts. The minimum salary earn by a worker is $1,500.
  4. Kenya: The East African nation Kenya has a recommendable salary of $1,300. Kenya is known as a mountainous nation with tropic climate. It is indeed the best place to live, work and go on vacation.
  5. Algeria: An average Algerian worker will earn $1,250. This salary is enough to keep you going through the course of the month till the next paycheck.
  6. Namibia: An average of $1200 is earned as monthly salary by it workers. This salary can sustain its average citizen throughout the month. All basic needs can be met with this money.
  7. Botswana: The money earn by a Botswana worker BWP11,700 if converted to dollar will be equivalent to $1000. This is a considerable amount to live well with no worries.
  8. Libya: This desert country is well enriched with crude oil. Popularly known as Gaddafi Reign, this country has a net salary of $1,715.
  9. Zambia: This sovereign nation was previously known as a behemoth in Africa. However, due to social unrest it experience a significant drop in its economy. Nevertheless, the average salary of an average worker is $1,500.
  10. Mauritius: As an oceanic country, its economy is the most competitive and luxurious on in Africa. As an African country doing well in business, its average salary is $700. Known for its beaches, reefs and lagoons, there is a steady flow of work force into the country.
  11. Tanzania: This African country has an average salary of $430 per month. Of course, this is just the benchmark of the salaries earned.
  12. Ghana: An average public servant in Ghana earn at least $750. It is ranked as the top 3 African countries with high salaries.
  13. Nigeria: As the Giant of Africa, Nigeria has a lucrative salary amongst its African counterparts. An average salary of $820 is paid to its public servants.
  14. Uganda: A country of wealth and man power, Uganda pays its public servants an average of $738 per month.
  15. Zimbabwe: This southern African nation, bordered by Botswana have a negligible income per month. At average $350, but it can do better if there is a singularity of ideology between its tiers of government.

African Countries With High Salaries – Best Places To Work

As a blessed land for all walks of life, Africa has many areas that requires the labour force and in-turn yield profits to its people. This advantage is well utilized by the some world-leading companies. Many Europeans make good use of this advantage.

Lets highlight these companies:

  • Nike
  • Dangote
  • Adidas
  • Telecoms
  • Versace
  • Breweries
  • Nestle
  • Play Station

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