Lost Ancient Secret To a Long Life

Modern food scientists have speculated that eating healthy food, lesser junks and proper exercises can prolong a person’s life span; especially the aged. However, food and exercises alone will not give an absolute output as there is only a 20% longevity. The question arises: “What miracle did the ancients do to live long despite low technology?” This question puzzles even the most brilliant food scientist in the 21st century. Since we are making a careful research on ancient secrets, it will be a wise move to be enlightened on historic method to long life expectancy hence the secret to a long life. Lets go in details on the lost ancient secret to a long life. As the ancients say “Life is a gift”.

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Greek Lost Ancient Secret To A Long Life

There is no future without a history. Every advancement either: technologically, education & art, health & life; are embarked based on the solid foundation that have been laid by previously existing ancestors. The secret to a long life cannot be anywhere else but the archive of ancient men of wisdom. The lost ancient secret to a long life is a masterpiece that will lead to an evolution in this 21st century.

On this quest to the secret to a long life, lets examine historical gamechangers that shook the world during their reign and how long they lived to make a name in history worthy to be studied.

The Greek father of history “Herodotus” was rumored to be the first psychologist to directly link longevity to healthy food. This concept of healthy food is long life, pioneered by Herodotus was illustrated in a Tale, a scout mission by the Persians to evade Egypt. These scouts were given a command to spy on the upper Nile of Egypt. On the course of their mission, there encounter a foreign race “Aithiops”. These were the first black skinned race to be recorded in ancient history. Due to curiosity, the Aithiop King inquired about how long they live seeing they are on a dangerous quest. “Bread and wine are our regular diet. Grain grown using dung is our specialty”; these were the words of the scouts to the “King”. Feeling amused, he relayed his disappointment to the diet of the Persians. “How can you live long if you eat food grown from dung? 80 years is your limit but my people can live 120 years”.

It was later reviewed that the daily diet of the Aithiops was “meat and milk”. The scouts were astonished and they made a desperate attempt to return back to their country. Further discoveries were made by the Persians as these Southern neighbor of theirs grow healthy livestock, tall & healthy son and daughters and are plenty in gold. This tale by Herodotus served as a founding pillar to the school healthy food is long life.

Of course, this is just a part of the lost ancient secret to a long life that the present generation must look into to achieve a turn around in their health. This constitute a part of the Greek Ancient Secret To a Long Life

Aithiops Lost Ancient Secret To A Long Life

A strong foundation is a strong growth. The ancient Aithiops direct their focus of longevity to their offspring. They believed that illness from childhood is the very reason for stunting growth and poor health. It was later proved that the Aithiops experienced little to no chronic infection during their childhood days.

The Aithiops were term to be “Hygienic” which limited the possibilities of infection among their kinsmen. They ate foods grown through the natural growth process without the help of plant-growth catalyst. It is a taboo to cultivate edible food using dung. They believed that something so impure and unhealthy cannot add nutritional value and life expectancy.

The ancient Aithiops measure longevity through “Beauty”. The more beautiful a person look, the higher the chance to live longer than his peers. This belief sprouted out by being hygienic. A real beauty will be with no spot or blemish from infection or disfiguration. Ancient Secret To a Long Life from the perspective of the Aithiops.

However, it is mentioned that food alone cannot be a deciding factor to a long and quality life. Environment plays a huge role to fulfill the expectation of longevity. The ancient times never experienced the calamity called ‘cancer’. There have never been a record of burden of inflammation that accelerate the growth of the arteries leading to quick aging and weaker immune system. There is a plague of cancer which leads to various problematic experiences by people.

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Hindu Lost Ancient Secret To A Long Life

The hindu concept to the secret to a long life is traced to mutuality and respect to nature. It focus on an alignment to the rule of mother nature. An extreme part of this practice is called “Cultivation”, where one break the shackle of mortality living up to a thousand years.

However, lets be realistic there is no record of a man living up to a thousand years. The hindu culture centers on man to live long by practicing mutual law of nature such as meridian tempering, yoga and flame therapy.

Lets examine some of these useful practices that are not extreme but very effective in prolonging the life span of people, youth and aged alike.

Tibetan Rites

These are Himalayas yoga postures preached by the “fountain of youth”. This sect offer practical instructions to people fated to cross path. These 5 rites is easy to perform as each of them takes minutes to perform. There is a tremendous result of weight loss, better memory, luscious hair growth and a better memory. Last but not the least, successful practitioners age lesser to their counterpart.

Surya Yoga

As all yoga practices are centered on receiving enlightenment and spiritual healing, the surya yoga is no different but has a unique property. There is an enlightenment session by staring directly at the sun. There is a periodic enlightenment of 40 minutes. The practitioner must stare at the sun during sunrise and sunset when the heat rays from the sun are most gentle.

The surya yoga has been scientifically proven to ease the risk of exposure to ultraviolet rays which can cause a pandemic affecting the eyes. There are many reports and testimonies of people who practice the surya yoga that its strengthen bones, heal the eyes, calm the mind and a tonic to the skin. All these are prime factors to a long life expectancy.

Homa Therapy

“Fire & skin are not compactible”, that’s what scientists conclude. But ancient Vedic practice prove that wrong. Fire is a purifier of the skin. The practice is carried out by putting a special fire in copper pyramid. This is to purify the skin and atmosphere.

This special flame is not a butane kind of combustion but made specifically from dried cow dung, clarified butter and rice. There is also a precise timing during the formation of the flame. The most important part of the homa therapy are the moments of practice. This form of relaxation and growth control must be carried out at sunrise and sunset. To make the therapy more efficient and spirit-connected, mantras are chanted.

This practice is different from sitting in an open fire because of fumes. The special fire used for homa therapy has no smoke.

Neti Practice

This is an important and careful hygiene practice used by ancient Indians. It involves pouring warm salty water in a clay jug, then carefully pour the water directly to your nostrils while you tilt your head backward. This must be done to the two nostrils. The aim of the neti practice is to cleanse the nose from impurities.

Built up bacteria is rinse out. Any residual layer of these bacteria is loosened and flush out by the warm water.

The neti practice is very effective for people who suffer from sinus infection and chronic aversion. It offers relief and cure to these patients.

These are some of the effective practices of the hindu Ancient Secret To a Long Life

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Modern Secrets To A Long Life

It is no brainer that cancer and chronic allergies have a huge role to play in the early death of people especially the youths. As cancer have no cure documented, it is best to avoid it.

Lets take a quickie on the best ways to prevent cancer, especially through feeding:

  • Broccoli: This vegetable reduce cancer cells by 75%.
  • Carrots: Carrot is a natural guard against stomach and prostrate cancer.
  • Beans: This protein-rich food has a high fibre and it is effective is fighting against colorectal cancer.
  • Berries: This food is rich in antioxidant which is an effective combatant when dealing with cancer.
  • Cinnamon: This food help in reducing inflammation, and the spread of cancer.
  • Olive Oil: As a Mediterranean diet, the olive oil is rich in multiple nutrient that can counter cancer.

Now you know the lost ancient secret to a long life and modern ways to counter the death harbinger (cancer). Congratulations on a healthy lifestyle.

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