How To Choose A Venue For Your Events – Top Tips

Event planning is a mind game and means to get a job done. It is for this reason that the services of an event planner is has a steep price. Not every host can afford it. It is also disappointing to have an inept event planner that does things contrary to your expectations. Therefore, it is important to know what an event planner knows. In a jiffy, i will guide you through on How To Choose A Venue For Your Events.

Graduation, corporate meetings, seminars, birthdays, inauguration; these official outdoor gathering is witnessed by people of divers social hierarchy. To bring satisfaction and splendor as a host, you need a suitable and convenient venue or locale to honour the event. Do not trivialize the power of an occasion because success or failure is at the hinge of a reminiscence event; either awe-inspiring or unimpressive. As a host and possible event planner, the first thing that comes to your mind when organizing an event even before thinking about expenses, is a venue. Not all venues are suitable for all events. How To Choose A Venue For Your Events is necessary.

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Simple Nuggets on How To Choose A Venue For Your Events

The venue you must choose must satisfy the location, the kind of guests to attend, the amenities needed for such an occasion, catering options, aura-inducing atmosphere (professional, intimate or amiable) and the seat capacity. A good venue has a direct impact to your success as a host. It is a considerable skill to know how to choose a venue for your events, either as a host or event planner.

On your quest for a “venue hunt”, you should consider these key points on How To Choose A Venue For Your Events.:

Hunt In Advance

The early bird catches the early worm – this phrase preempt a host to make early plans on searching for a venue. It is to be noted that quality venues are few in number compared to casual locales. As every venue manager is a business person, it is a common sense that they will obey the rule “first come first serve”. Seeing a suitable venue but unable to acquire it is sometimes heartbreaking and it deals a hard blow.

Guests & Audience Preference

How To Choose A Venue For Your Events is not just on the event but on the kind of guest. The nature and disposition of the venue must match the kind of guests to be expected. A park is not appropriate for a corporate event, likewise a large hall is not the best for a family get-together.

The best venue for an event is best defined by the guest. This is because the event is meant for them and their response either determine your success or downfall as an event planner. As a host “Never let the guests down”.

Location of Preferred Venue

The location of the choice venue is important for an excellent event. As a guest, they expect everything to be easily accessible. A venue with a distorted road map or location will make expected guests exhausted to locate and this may imprint a scar at the back of their mind “what the heck is the party???”.

It is advisable that the location must be easy to access and should not be too lonely, except for special purposes.

Consider Your Budget

After major consideration, weight your pocket. Inasmuch you desire the best for your guest it is also wise that you checkmate your expenses according to your capital. Impressing your guests tends to lead to a heavy debt on your end as a host. Unless you are sure to gain immediate money or benefit from the event, do not host an occasion that will lead you broke.

Don’t spend all you have just on a venue, you still have a lot to buy to satisfy your guests. Take a considerable amount on you in case of necessity.

Capacity of The Venue

The main attribute for choosing an event is capacity and containment. The size of the venue is a major factor when choosing a venue. A bad venue is mainly associated with poor space choice and inconvenience of the guests.

Space is a tricky factor when choosing a venue. A very large space but few guest will make the occasion look gloomy and uninteresting. Large spaces are best sort after if you are expecting guests from a far distance and need to be accommodated.

A space smaller than the expected will cramp the guests. This is a failure.

Also, a good venue must have a relief center or a rest room.

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How To Choose A Venue For Your Events – Become a Pro Host and Event Planner

Okay!!! Its no brainer that what different professionals from rookies is “going extra” and not just a longer time on a skill. How To Choose A Venue For Your Events also has this pattern of work.

Lets consider a more extensive considerations on when choosing a venue. Aim to be a pro on how to choose a venue for your event and increase your success rate.

Mood & Disposition To Suit Guests

The venue must suit the kind of occasion you are hosting. It is very important to creating that aura around your audience. This will form an interconnection between you, the guests and the topic or reason for the event.

A corporate event is best hosted at a luxury hall in a hotel. A debate is best hosted at a well furnished lecture hall. Birthday parties and get-together is best in a park or a large hall with multiple room for miscellaneous needs.

Parking Lot

Complains before an event kicks off is reputation-wrecking. Lack of parking space is responsible for this embarrassment. Choose a venue with a reserve parking lot for your guests. Also, engage the services of valets and a well coordinated mainstream ride for some guests. This can serve as an avenue for the guests to be familiar with each other.

Venue Logistics and Amenities

To ace up your skills as a successful host, it is mandatory that you source for a venue with multiple facilities and services. A venue with it’s catering services and logistics will be more preferred to a venue lacking this service. Convenience and restroom should be located in a distance from the hall the audition or event is happening. At the same time, it should not be difficult to locate.

Sound system and lights should be available for such a venue. It’s ease the stress of disconnecting and packing of equipment which might lead to damage.

However, to consider this option you must find a balance to your budget.

Flexible and Forced Majeure Clause

When choosing a venue, it is an advantage for the host to have a clear and precise agreement or contract with the hall manager on a majeure clause.

Unforeseen circumstances in life is inevitable. A host can have control over his/her event with planning but have zero control to accident or catastrophe. For this reason, it is mandatory that the host or event planner must have an agreed consensus with the hall manager on any majeure clause. This is to keep you on a safe side in a case of pandemic, accident, or disaster that will hinder your event, and your hand-earned deposits.

A flexible majeure clause gives you the power to host an event for a second time without losing your previous deposits, provided that there was an accident. Any unforeseen circumstance can be tolerated.

A forced majeure clause is slightly different from the flexible majeure clause in that; the hall manager will give the terms of the clause. Such terms may be COVID-19 pandemic, massive earthquakes, nationwide flooding, terrorism and insurgency, etc. It is an excellent quality of the host to read the terms of clause thoroughly before any agreement can be made.

The essence of the majeure clause is to protect you from making a second deposit to reuse the venue after the previous event got cancelled due to situation beyond your control as human.

Technology Present

Choose a venue that satisfy the guest taste of easiness and accessibility. The most direct method to provide this satisfaction is technology. Sophisticated tech and gadgets brings the awe from the audience and lighten the mood of the presenter.

Technology like elevator, wifi, automated doors and lightbulbs, digital order-menu from guest table to the bartender tab; will stand a higher chance that a regular venue.

Remember, this is to improve your status and profile as a successful host or event planner.

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! With this priceless information, success and greatness is not far from reach. Always know that keeping a good relationship as a host is a network to wealth, and events and parties are the best platform for this.

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