How To Know Quality Art In A Gallery

The word “art” is beyond professional colour and line combination and calligraph. It is a known fact and concept that the disposition of an art is the soul of art. Emotions, feelings, memories, exploration of ideas; are subject matters that cannot be ignored when discussing on the topic “art”. In this article, i will walk you through the various methods and craft on how to know quality art among similar art work in the same collection.

Art is a soul communication. It moves from beauty and appreciation of skill to a heartfelt feeling and longing. Different art work have different disposition both on its intent and unique feeling it brings to divers individuals. It is best to be enlightened on how to know quality art.

Music and calligraphy are arts but in this article, let us focus on calligraphy (painting and drawing).

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How To Know Quality Art

A gallery which comprises of numerous sections of art works and balcony, it is possible for different art to have greater or lesser quality to their counterpart. Quality value may add up to disposition, display duration and packaging to be showcased in the gallery.

For newbies, it is a daunting task and frustrating to be able to recognize a painting that suit you and your temperamental needs. There is a lot to know before you decide to venture out to an art gallery. But i assure you, the reward is more profiting. In most case, you can bid out your painting in an auction house to maximize profit.

Let me go in detail on how to know quality art.

Know the Artwork Gimmicks

Inasmuch we don’t want our residence to look like a desolate refugee camp, it is also important to note which art is suitable for us, the environment it complements and the price of the painting. Never be intimidated by the act of a person buying a more expensive art.

Sometimes, an expensive art is not a quality art. Prices are hiked by merchants to increase their daily revenue and sales in a day. It is important to know the craft of marketing.

Most retailers increase the price of their art piece after it have been rebranded. Framing of the art, sly language of the artist, luxury and complexity of the gallery are usually the main focus whereby art retailers hoodwink “potential buyers” and suck them dry. They will claim that “with everything you see the price is justified”.

It is very important to know whether the art you want to buy is satisfy that craving and fulfillment you seek or it is just a “white wash” display. It is a good practice to contact the artist occasionally and seek advice from his own perspective and embark on studio tours.

While seeking advice from the artist is recommendable, you must know the reputation of the artist and social credibility. If the artist is a celebrity, you will most likely find the price to be tremendously high. If you can’t afford it, don’t be discouraged. Look for another good art of the same value that you can afford.

Buy The Art You Desire

While it is a good thing to be competitive, it is very harmful when buying art. Take a gallery for a confectionary store, all candy have different flavour. Sometimes, out of curiosity to try a new brand or pressure from a friend, you might end up buying a different candy. Two things will definitely happen: it might become you favourite or you will hate it. Same with buying art pieces; buying an art with a new disposition contrary to your preference is a risk.

It is either you appreciate it or you will regret buying it. Peer pressure should never be a reason to engage an art you don’t want. It is best that you follow your instincts and guts. This is a prove that your feeling have a resonance with the painting. Also, most gallery have a period of grace. This period allows you to live with the painting for a certain period before purchase. This way, you can checkmate environment compatibility.

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Having A Space To Display The Art Piece

There is an economic comparison “a gold nugget or a brass platter”. This is a relative comparison on “quality over quantity and quantity over quality”, of which both items have the same price value. This is very important on how to know quality art.

It is not a new thing to see a small art sculpture more expensive than a large painting despite its artistic concept. It is a tradition for the masterpiece of deceased artist to be more expensive than when he was alive. Sometimes a smaller art piece have better quality and could last the test of time than a large painting. Nevertheless, a large painting is the best form of attraction and could be more precious than a small masterpiece.

The idea here is to consider the space where these arts will be displayed. It you have a small space, it will be best to go for the “gold nugget” (small artwork). It will be more appreciated to see a beautiful art piece while maintaining it’s genuine appearance. But if you have a large space for display, i will suggest buying a large painting (brass platter). This is the fastest means of attraction and to earn viewers appreciation.

“Limited Edition” Do Not Exist

While limited edition tells buyers that there will soon be scarcity, this concept do not apply when buying an art piece except the artist is dead. This is very crucial on how to know quality art.

Most painting in the 21st century are made by computerized methods using inkjet printers, cardboards, etc. This is regarded as a “fine art print” no matter how beautiful the painting is. Original painting and art piece are heirlooms owned by prestigious families.

There is a huge difference between a print and a paint. A print can be reproduce numerous time while a paint is restricted by number, hence, the limited edition. But most buyers do not know this truth and are hoodwinked by retailers preying on their ignorance and love for art.

There is no intrinsic value to a fine art paint and an original production may not be an investment. In this case, let your money define the value of the painting. Do not be carried away by value misconception of a print or an original.

How To Know Quality Art – Buying Art Online

A piece of art can change your environment from a desolate place to an attraction hall. Many painting can be accessed and purchased online. This is an effective way to own an art. It is important to on how to know quality art before purchase to avoid regret. The above discussed point are also effective.

Lets highlight the points on how to know quality art before a online purchase.

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Consider The Space In Your Environment

Space is very important irrespective of where a person lives. More space means more comfort. An art that require a spacious environment will not be appreciated if cramped to the side. As an art brings the mood to its viewers, it is best to be displayed where guests can easily view and appreciate it.

Buying art online will be profitable and with no regrets when the art piece suits the environment without an awkward feeling.

Have A Style That Correspond With The Environment

Inasmuch you already have a style you want to buy, think about how that painting will fit well with your home or display center. A nice beautiful painting in an unwanted environment is considered a taboo when buying art piece online. You should consider the style of a painting as it correspond to the environment or event for display.

Artwork is the fastest and better way to add colour and d├ęcor to a room without redesigning and renovation. A bright colour brings out the magic and beauty in a room.

Enquire About The Artist

Every art piece have an originator. It is a wise move to ask questions about the artist. A clear knowledge about an artist brings a deep feeling and proximity between you and his work. This is beyond the visible beauty of a painting, you will feel his creativity and excitement of art. How to know quality art is dependent on this knowledge.

This move makes it quicker for you to have an authentic art vendor and adviser.

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Painting and art is very attractive and important especially if the concept and disposition correspond your desire. Always remember, different persons have different feeling and touch to art.

This guide will solve the difficulties when acquiring an art piece. Kudos!

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