5 Leading African Countries With Advanced Technology

Technology is the basis for the development of a country in any part of the world. Lets highlight leading African countries with advanced technology and the cities that boost their prowess.

The aim of this article “Leading African Countries With Advanced Technology” is to bring to light the advancement and stability of the African nation as well as to denounce the phrase “an ineptness Africa”. In no where is Africa lagging in advanced technology in the areas of medical science, inventions, communication, military, industrial production and sophisticated engineering. As the second largest continent, Africa has every resources to promote the world to a first class planet, curbing poverty and insecurity. And this ultimate goal can be actualized with solid tech.

Leading African Countries With Advanced Technology – a review on African Nations

Superior technology is supremacy. European nations have this to their advantage and are recognized as “leaders of nations”. The politico-economical status of all African nations is solely dependent on Technological advancement. The benefits and advantages of this alone has the power to transform Africa to a world giant. Lets not forget that technology is the pillar of every economy, in addition to the labour force. The destiny of Africa can be a reality with sustainable technology prowess. Every effort must be utilized to race up to the top of the world pyramid of advancement.

In this article “Leading African Countries With Advanced Technology” – we will highlight countries that have their economy boosted from zero to hero. It is no brainer that nations with low technology has a competitive disadvantage in the global market. Distinguished nations have a huge influence in any alliance not because of the date of their independence, nor the color of their race. But because they are advanced in sophisticated technology and technical know-how.

It is due to this dynamic change that African leaders has taken a step to advancement and this step so far has yield fruits. It is also mandated that potential leaders can only qualify to rule provided that they have a clear plan to tech enhancement and industrialization. To be on a fast pace, many African nations has imbued changes in tech as part of their culture.

Comprehensive List On Leading African Countries With Advanced Technology

With all said and done, lets take a look on African nations with a well equipped technology prowess, as well as the cities that stands as their tech hub.


The giant of Africa is recognized to have the highest tech hub and advancement in Africa. The secret to Nigeria tech advance and affiliation is from the strength and unity of it youths. The Nigerian nation is blessed with intelligent minds, such as Akindele Abiola and Bello Eniola who generated a 6-hour electricity from 1 liter of urine.

The advent of Nigeria technological prowess is gotten from ideas that have little investment capital. There is the Glory of food tech made by an indigenous Nigerian Saheed Adepoju; who designed a tablet (mini computers) and was officially launched into the global market.

There also, is the Glory in the food technology sector by the National Research Institute, Zaria where moringa “typical plant in Nigeria” was used to treat water. The result was a 100% clean water, safe from germs. There is the “Iroko Partners”, who have over 60 million clients and sponsors from all over the globe. Nigeria has a reputable prowess, Leading African Countries With Advanced Technology.

In the transport system, Innoson is an indigenous vehicle brand that was invented in Eastern Nigeria. Xinox also is well known to be the fast improving computer producing company in Africa. It is targeted at Laptops, solar inverters and tablets.

The city of Lagos is the tech and information hub in Nigeria with over 50 technology hub. It is ranked top 100 cities in the world on education & information technology, transport technology and ICT. Also, there is the city of Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Enugu and Kano which have no limit to its advancement in technological interventions and ideas.

Globally Nigeria is ranked 63rd in the world of tech.

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South Africa

As an African nation with high colonial influence, South Africa has the highest technological market hub in Africa currently. It is well known for its internet mobile banking, software security and communication expertise. As a fintech hub in its regional environs, South Africa is recognized globally as the 53rd most innovative countries in the world.

There is a steady increase in South Africa, not just in tech but in its economy and political advantage. This is because the national encourages a human capital development. The ideas of its citizens can be utilized from various schemes that are centered on this. Also, based on the intelligent investment in education, there are globally recognized universities in South Africa. This is a precise way to sieve out intellectual talents from the crowd.

Johannesburg is the chief city that accommodate most technology hub.

South Africa is a proud nation that has billion dollars tech companies at its disposal. Companies such as: MTN, PayPal, DSTV, Linux, CAT Scan, and so on. There is no doubt that South Africa is on a positive trend to spread the good news: Technology Innovation.


The East Africa nation Kenya is known as the 2nd leading tech nation in Africa and the 61 on a global scale. Also known as the “Silicon Savannah”, Kenya has a major investment in ICT. There is a high involvement in food technology, transport, energy & power and various tech areas that have potentials to promote the country GDP.

Kenya is also known for its recent inventions in home tech, transport and energy. Such inventions are: solar powered refrigerator, solar automobiles, alarm smart TV, and smart chargers.

The capital of Kenya Nairobi is the city that has the highest technological influence in Kenya.

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History and crude technology in Africa is dated back to Egypt. Due to a significant interaction between the people and their deities, wisdom was traded for their worship. Many scientific breakthrough in Europe and Asia today is credited to Ancient Egypt. It is heartwarming to know that Egypt today is leading as one of the world tech hub and it is currently on the run to restore its formal glory.

The ramp and lever used in construction was originated from Egypt. Transport ships, education material and military kits were gotten from Egypt. Till this moment, Egypt has not failed to prove itself mighty over it competitors. There is a massive improvement in its ICT, business advancement and military prowess.

The city of Cairo is the tech hub of Egypt and it is ranked 70th on a global scale.


There is a notable change in the fast growing tech nation of Rwanda. It has a huge influence in ICT, e-commerce and digital automation. Despite its civil war, the country made a tremendous comeback, far surpassing its African counterparts with a better competitive advantage. It is globally known for its Mobile phones “Mara”.

Rwanda is a tech hub city itself, as numerous foreign investors are taking root in it. However, Kigali is known as the city hub in Rwanda.


As a blessed land and influential power, Uganda is known for its affiliation with global tech and ICT. It possess excellent technological and inventive skills which is honed by its populace. The Uganda nation is ranked 102 on a global scale. There is room for innovative capacity and technical know-how in the country.


Africa, as a blessed land is currently on the project to improve its citizen livelihood and standard of living. This can only be achieved with a sustainable and progressive economy and advance technology play a huge role to make this project a reality.

The Leading African Countries With Advanced Technology has proven to you that the African nation is making a comeback to have a name in the global technology market.

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