Leading African Nations With Powerful Military Firearms

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A nation with no borders is open to attack. The military serve as this border to secure its citizens, mineral resources and national interest. The prowess of the military is a direct way to weight the stability and growth of a nation. The military has the sole responsibility to protect its country via means outside its convenience such as: air, land, sea and space. The project of “national defense” is a cost that every African nation must be willing to incur so as to secure its nation.

On a global scale USA, Russia, France, China and India are known to be the BIG 5 in military due to its vehicles, gadgets and force personnel. What is it for our African counterpart? What advantage do the African Nations have to stand head high in military prowess across the world. In this article, we will discuss these advantages such as; number of force persons, armed vehicles, brilliant strategists, communication efficiency and tracking ability.

Mind you, these advantages are the foundation of a reliable military in a country. However, with the rise of technology many advantages have been added to the chart: nukes, viral weapons, drones, nanite bots and tracking chips. While Africa has a numeric advantage, it will do well to have any of these advantages to limit the mortality of soldiers.

Leading African Nations With Powerful Military Firearms


Due to its previous civil crises and insecurity, the Egyptian Government invested more than half of it national resources into its military. The experience and inevitable rise from the ashes, Egypt is known to have the best military prowess in Africa. This is inclusive of all the advantages previously discussed.

Lets take a look to know why Egypt is the first among the Leading African Nations With Powerful Military Firearms.

Force Personnel: Egypt has a numeric advantage of over 500,000 soldiers. These soldier are grouped into 2 units – Active & Reserved.

Armored Vehicles: Egypt boast of a 100,000 armored tanks, making it the fourth nation with high armored vehicles globally. This proves that on land combat, Egypt is not be trifled with.

Logistics Van: The country has over 60,000 logistic vans to respond to emergencies speedily.

Armed Aircrafts: An advantage over the airforce is an unbeatable advantage. Egypt boast of having over 1700 combat aircrafts which includes Fighter Jets, armored helicopters including the US fighting falcon.

Mineral Resources: The nation boast of having tremendous resourced to sustain its military to the end of age. This resources include: Oil reserves, human resources, etc.

Naval Prowess: The Egyptian military might has rippled the naval chart in Africa. It has submarine powered by nuclear energy and war ships.

South Africa

South Africa is known as a peace nation in Africa but its military prowess is amazing. Its government knows that after the calm comes the storm. A revenue that counts up to $5billion is being pumped into its military to make it fit for any unforeseen circumstance. Coupled with it advanced tech, South Africa has the sufficient manpower and human resources to make its military a force to reckon with.

Why is South Africa among the Leading African Nations With Powerful Military Firearms?

Defense Expenditure: The government of South Africa make almost annually a national budget of $5billion into its military and national defense.

Numeric Advantage: The South African military has over 65,000 active personnel and 17,000 reserved soldiers. This is a terrifying number when summed together.

Communication & Tracking: With a leading tech advantage when its comes to Information Communication Technology, South Africa has an “inceptive eye” over major events and uprising. Communication can be seen as the backbone of an effective military.

Armored Tank: There is an substantial prove that South Africa has over 2000 armored vehicles. These vehicles comprise of combat tanks and armored jeep.

Airforce: The nation boast of 250 Warcraft that are suitable for all air combats, including special mission and rescue. These aircrafts all include: helicopter, s-rank missions, fighters jets, trainee and rescue aircrafts. Its Airforce might is considered “up the chart”.

Naval Might: The South Africa nation has a strong naval defense in Africa. There is a total of 35 warships and submarines.

Artilleries and Rocket: With cutting-edge technology, South Africa has numerous range-target-based weaponry in its arsenal. This includes self-towered artilleries, tower artilleries and rocket projectors. These long range military assets number up to 500.


Following the step of it North African neighbor (Egypt), Algeria is known to have super military power, especially its navy. Its assets and federal expenditure is considered to be the highest in Africa, surpassing Egypt. It is recorded that $10billion is spent on it military annually. This is a strong advantage to the Algeria military.

While Algeria is in State of Emergency, its military has proven to be the voice of the people. With sufficient strength, numerous uprisings has been curbed.

Why is Algeria among the Leading African Nations With Powerful Military Firearms?

Numeric Advantage: Algeria has a huge manpower to boost its military efficiency. Active unit has 130,000 soldier and reserved unit has 135,000 soldiers.

Aircraft: The Algerian nation has an estimate of 560 Warcraft and emergency air freight. Armored helicopters number up to 250.

Armored Tanks: The land prowess of the Algerian military has a significant boast due to its armored vehicles. There is a total of 2050 armored tanks and combat jeep.

Artilleries and Rocket: There is a total of 600 self propelled artilleries and rocket at their disposal.

Naval Strength: Warships and submarines in Algeria total to 200 fleets. This might is not to be underestimated.


The Giant of Africa is among the Leading African Nations With Powerful Military Firearms.

The Boko Haram insurgency threatened the stability of Nigeria. But, despite unsophisticated firearms and leader quandary, the Nigeria army successfully kept these terrorist at bay. It is ranked fourth in Africa for its military strength and perseverance over unfavorable circumstances. A considerable revenue has been invested to its military.

Why is Nigeria among the Leading African Nations With Powerful Military Firearms?

Numeric Advantage: There is a total of 250,000 active personnel but no reserved soldiers. However, there is a consistent recruitment of manpower into its military.

Defense Expenditure: The federal government has invested $6billion on its military on an annual basis.

Aircrafts: The Nigeria army has a total of 13,500 aircrafts which includes fighter jets, armored helicopters, rescue air freight.

Armored Vehicles: There is a remarkable might in the Nigerian army. A total of 50,000 armored vehicles is accounted to the Nigerian army. These vehicles include combat tanks and fighter jeeps and logistics van.

Naval Strength: The Nigerian navy has 25 fleets of superpowered naval vessels and warships.

Artilleries and Rocket: There is a total 2,000 self propelling rockets and artilleries at the nation disposal.


Morocco has a military prowess that rank it fifth on the African Global Chart. Its government invested a revenue of $6billion to its military stability. The Moroccan military has well trained soldiers capable of all kinds of combats both in deserts, sea and air emergencies.

Why is Morocco among the Leading African Nations With Powerful Military Firearms?

Naval Strength: With a total 125 naval assets, the Moroccan army has the capability to match up to any conflict on the sea. These assets includes 3 frigates and 4 corvettes.

Aircrafts: The country boast of 300 aircrafts including fighter jets, armored helicopters, emergency freight, special mission crafts. Its airforce strength is considered “top 5” in Africa.

Defense Budget: The Moroccan government has invested a revenue of $6billion to improve the status of its military.

Numerical Advantage: There is a total 200,000 soldiers in the active unit and 150,000 in the reserved unit. Its military strength is in its manpower and human resources.

Armored Vehicles: The Moroccan military has a total of 6,000 armored vehicles. These vehicles includes – combat tanks, fighter jeeps and logistics van.

Artilleries and Rocket: The military has 520 self propelling rockets at its disposal.

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The military is the part of a nation that must not be neglected. It is wise to have the power and backup to protect your country and its interest. A loose military is a country at the verge of ruin.

“Leading African Nations With Powerful Military Firearms” brings to light African military might and solid foundation.

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