Tequila The Most Expensive Beverage In The World

What is Tequila? This is known to be fermented sugar from Mexican agave plant. It contains 50% alcohol. The Tequila The Most Expensive Beverage In The World is a Mexico originated brand and it is the best blessing every invitees should get in an occasion.

There are many ways to gauge the wealth of a person. Possessions and assets such as expensive car (Bugatti, Ferrari, BMW, Benz, Lamborghini, Porsche), private yacht and glider, jewelries and clothing. Lets not forget that food and drinks express how much a person owns and is willing to spend. Irrespective of brands & whiskeys such as scotch and cognac, it is a fact that Tequila The Most Expensive Beverage In The World is not just a fair fact.

Given the spontaneous changes in the society and economy at large, it is recommended that brands and whiskeys should be consumed to the minimal. This is to maximize the rate of spending and budget utilization in the family. Unforeseen circumstances like Corona Virus, inflation and insurgency is never the ideal time to lax on alcohol. As Tequila The Most Expensive Beverage In The World is world a couple of bucks, that doesn’t mean that it is beyond your reach to afford. A man dream of Tequila The Most Expensive Beverage In The World can be actualized even amidst these circumstances. There is definitely a rising trend on tequila, you can’t afford to miss out on Tequila – The Most Expensive Beverage In The World.

Tequila The Most Expensive Beverage In The World

Tequila is known for its uniqueness in bringing the mood to any cliché. Also, it artistic design on the bottle serve as a trophy of memory to real men There are relatively cheap brands that you might not feel pressured to when purchasing. A fine bottle of Tres Agaves which ranges from $30 can be gotten with ease.

On the scale of Tequila The Most Expensive Beverage In The World – you can get on your hand on the highest and most quality tequila on the Planet: Ley 925. It is a priced choice of tequila brand for $225,000. It’s bottle is a fine piece of art and can be resold for reuse&recycle.

Every of bottle of Tequila The Most Expensive Beverage In The World is worth a huge fortune. Imagine having 4 pound of platinum in your possession. This could be an heirloom. Tequila has proven to have all benefits both in its content and container. To get the very best of Tequila – The Most Expensive Beverage In The World, its price is awesome – $3.5 million.

Tequila The Most Expensive Beverage In The World – Universal Price

Every merchant has a different policy on how he sells his products. Nevertheless, the Tequila has a universal price on its brands and products to ensure fairness to the individual buyers. Lets us take a review on some of the Tequila The Most Expensive Beverage In The World and their relative prices. However, country or locale policy in some places may affect the price range of these tequila a little bit.

Rey Sol Añejo

This is widely known for its “sun on a bottle” design and fancy art. The amber-gold tequila is a French unique brand and royal blessing to grace the occasion. It is aged for five complete years in Oak barrels for a perfect maturity. It is also a fancy type of tequila among the list on Tequila The Most Expensive Beverage In The World.

The notes and calligraphy on the translucent bottle is bold, prominent, attractive and taste-inducing. This increase the profile on the flavour that is capped with sweetness of nuts. This is best served with red meat and cake. On certain occasions, it can be mixed with milk coffee for a better taste and greater appreciation.

The Rey Sol Añejo tequila is has an acceptable price of $300.

Don Julio Real

The special trait of this tequila is its savored occasional sips. It is soft and rich in taste and in satisfaction. This tequila beats the Scotch when used to bless an occasion. It is popularly known for its divers flavours such as – chocolate and vanilla. Even with its change in flavour, it retain the sensation of a light burn down the throat and rich feeling of goodness. This tequila is second to no other.

The Don Julio Real tequila is worth $400. It may seem pricey but it is worth it. This bottle can last up to a year and still maintain its unique taste and awesomeness.

Gran Patrón Burdeos

In this series “Tequila The Most Expensive Beverage In The World”, lets not be quick to be label this brand “Pricey”. The price for this tequila is relatively “not steep” and it is worth it due to certain consideration, including quality control and originality.

The Gran Patrón Burdeos is distilled in the unique American/French oak barrels. It is blended to bring out quality products, distilled again to get an aromatic taste and scent and it is aged in the vintage Bordeaux cask for fermentation and maturity. The end product from these series of processes is a deep amber liquor. The Gran Patrón Burdeos comes is different flavours to satisfy the taste and cravenness of it buyers. The unique taste of raisin, vanilla and wood, all delectable in it own fashion.

It is also a great old fashioned cocktail for lift the burden and feel the mood. Its price is $500.

Asombroso Del Porto Extra Añejo

The unique tequila originate from Portuguese port barrels after it is fermented. The process of aging is repeated over the course of a decade. When this is done, the consumable product, sealed in it bottle is rested om French oak casks. Due to its prolonged aging, it is sometimes mistaken for college brandy.

It is worth $1500. The reason for this price is to recognize the uniqueness of the brand. Quality control is overemphasize.

On a major note, the Asombroso’s Del Porto tequila beats all brands when its comes to blessing the occasion. There is no specified occasion for this tequila, it is the spirit of the occasion.


Never underestimated the power of Tequila – The Most Expensive Beverage In The World.

Due to its fruit origin, it is recommended and described as the most healthy alcohol for all people. It is rich in vitamin and fibers with less sugar. It also has a low level of methanol which is to be considered a major game changer when distilled spirit is concerned.

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