Top 5 Countries With Best Doctors And Medical Institutes

The ancient adage “Health is more than wealth” is a prove that the greatest resources a man can enjoy is sound health. Lets not limit health to the bodily state of being but also a sound mine and psychologically. The rise of any nation is centered on an advanced spread of health institutions such as: hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and surgery theatre. For this reason, there is a need for qualified medical practitioners in a country. Lets us take look on the Top 5 Countries With Best Doctors And Medical Institutes.

A nation that must stay top in the competition must have an advantage in having doctor and reliable medical practitioners. The government (including all tiers) must allocate incentives to the medical sector to prove its accountability of its citizens and immigrants alike.

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Top 5 Countries With Best Doctors And Medical Institutes

Let us take a look on the gamechangers that affect the medical world into competence and reliability. It is important to know that each country has its area of specialization whether in anti-natal, surgery, critical operation, and research on pandemic.

Lets take a comprehensive look of the Top 5 Countries With Best Doctors And Medical Institutes:

United States of America

The USA, the home of the “Gods’ Generals” and many reputable individual & researches is the first we have on our Hall of Fame – “Top 5 Countries With Best Doctors And Medical Institutes”. Every good thing that last the test of time comes with a price. The medical facilities in the United States may be pricey but the immediate result and and post-result of every medical operations and attendance is definitely worth it.

The United State is not just perfect on surgery and pandemic research, but also in therapy and psychology helping its patients out of addiction and trauma. It is not doubt a powerhouse when it comes to medical partitioning both in doctors and institutes.

The United States has made a name that has shock the hearts of many in history and it is still the best in world-leading technology that enhance the health benefits of mankind. Due to its well-equipped facilities and standard medical institutes, the United States has birth forth great minds that relieve million of people from terminal quandary. These people has made tremendous benefits in divers areas in the medical field. These fields include: Heart implantation, blood transfusion, teratology, brain surgery, and so many others.

In this article “Top 5 Countries With Best Doctors And Medical Institutes”; lets highlight a few of these great minds irrespective of the field of specialization.

  • Doctor Denton Cooley
  • Physician Alfred Blalock
  • Doctor Charles R. Drew
  • Doctor Virginia Apgar


India is globally known to be a nation of powerful people and intelligent minds. It might seem that India is underdeveloped and bleak. But that is just a camouflage its government uses to launch the element of surprise to its competitors. It is known to be among the world leaders in technology, military and medical & laboratory.

Statistics shows that India has the best doctors when compared to other developed countries (France, Puerto Rico, etc.). This is a prove that the medical practitioners both local and global are above the hedge and are making impact that will stand thee test of time. Indian doctors are known to be “Renowned”. Many an experts in USA, Canada, Germany and many European nations are Indians. This fact became a case study and was concurred by the American Association of Physician of Indian.

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In this article “Top 5 Countries With Best Doctors And Medical Institutes”; we also bring to light that India is the best option for developing countries in Africa. African nations that have difficulties in health and medical prowess always look up to India as their savior. Some of these reasons is that Indian doctors are exposed to modern technologies, their facilities are are up-the-chart, its is relatively cheap and there is an assurance that an expert is attending to your situation. Aspiring Indian doctors usually undergo more training and real-life scenarios which builds them up for competence.

United Kingdom

The unity of these European nations: Welsh, Scottish, Irish and English; has brought forth a reputable result and a shared benefit & influence. Incurable diseases and pandemic has been otherwise and its cure its easy to reach by the populace.

One of these great minds in the Medical Circle of the United Kingdom is the Toxicologist, Alexander Fleming. He is the founder of the Penicillin, an anti-bacterium vaccine that is still relevant to our modern day medical application and antibiotics. He won a noble prize for his contribution to mankind and brought the United Kingdom glory and honor.

Another pandemic was proven to be curable by the renowned English Doctor, Edward Jenner. The effect of these contributions is still in application to cure even the minute disease and infirmity.


Deutschland, also known as “Germany” is known to be at the top of the medical pyramid worldwide. Germany is a blessed land that has deep reserve to its cultural roots and heritage. It is also a land with resources and adequate manpower. Due to its advantage of a protected history, Germany has a deep inventory to medical practices that remain elusive to the modern medical society. Medical treasures and plants are been researched upon to further the advancement of human health and well being.

German doctor are highly sorted after by International supervisors and experts for clinical purposes and plastic surgery.

Our article “Top 5 Countries With Best Doctors And Medical Institutes” bring to light the groundwork and in-depth evolution the German medical personnel has maintained to bring a dynamic system flow. To maintain and retain the prowess of their early founders, each doctor/medical personnel or therapy psychologist undergo rigorous training for a high qualification. These doctors also engage in real life situations to assume an important role.

Historically, Germany is known to be the birth place of Rudolf Virchow, the rumored founder of the “Modern Pathology”. His contribution cannot be under-emphasize because it is a model in the public health sector. Also, the botanical naming of organisms and health-related issued were given by the people of Deutschland (Germany).

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France has also enjoy its fair share of glory in the world of medical practitioners. It is known as the birth place of Modern Day Neurology, a pathway formed by Doctor Jean-Martin Charcot. He is known for his contribution in Hysteria and Hypnosis.

The French Nation is also known for it medical invention: Stethoscope. This is the most treasured tool of any medical expert. It is the identity of professional and reliability to any medical expert. This invention was executed by the French Physician Rene Laennec.

In this article “Top 5 Countries With Best Doctors And Medical Institutes” – it is known that the first organ transplant was carried out by a French Doctor, Alexis Carrel. His suturing methods was worth note taking and he developed the first circulation pump. His contribution brought a renovation to the modern age of medicine.


Having a good health system is not limited to medical practitioners but also medical facilities. An expert without tools is handicapped. This is were the Swizz nation comes in.

Switzerland is among the nations that is reputed to having the best medical facilities in the world, second to the United States of America. Many doctors have emerged from Switzerland. Popular medical experts and doctors have made impact and brought glory to the Swizz nation.

Psychiatrist carl Jung is known as the the founder of Jungian psychology. Video game addicts usually experience Persona. The Jungian psychology is aimed at resolving this health problem. The Rorschach Test that is aimed at the character trait and Mental development hypothesis is modelled by the Swizz doctor, Hermann Rorschach and Jean Piaget.

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