What Are The Super Cars For Celebrities

The most direct way to know a persons’ wealth capacity is Cars & Automobiles. The ride for superstar is way different and unique from public and common rides. There is a touch of an expert and quality feels that make a ride desirable, and this is what every celebrity and superstar wants: “To be desired“. Automobile is the excellent choice to transform this desire into a reality. Super cars are one way to make a celebrity life worth living. Lets take a review and major highlight on “What Are The Super Cars For Celebrities”.

Super Cars, also known as “Hyper Cars & Exotic Cars” are defined to be high performance and street legal sport cars. It gives a top notch vibe and quality control package that cannot be overlooked or overshadowed. Super cars or exotic cars are known for it regal display and artistical design. The interior and exterior of a hyper car is worthy of praise and applause. It may be described by expert “A sight to behold”.

What Are The Super Cars For Celebrities – Why is it super?

It is a welcoming idea and innovation that major super cars that are worthy of a celebrity attention are automated in operation and electric in its mechanical runner up. Super cars are categorized by having a small and compact engine, high speed & horse power, exotic design and modelling interior concept. Production of exotic cars is on a high rate and are making a large stride in finding a way pass emissions with the help of aerodynamics. This concept is among the leading technologies in the world of automobiles. It is important to this review: “What Are The Super Cars For Celebrities”.

The most common feature of the super car is speed. Like the old Japanese saying – “Everything can be beaten except true speed”. Speed runs are the trade mark for the super cars. A single second can make a difference in life, likewise to car and celebrities. The concept of “fast” cannot be guessed or be unaccounted for. Every automobile trademark and model has a unique way of enhancing their product speedometer, while protecting the rider and maintaining minimum fuel consumption. Automakers are more like the author to every great automobile we have running the major streets and lanes across the globe, irrespective of locality. Unique brands have differences but they are very complimentary to themselves and others; like competitors, bikes, etc.

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Top speed among hyper cars on the “What Are The Super Cars For Celebrities” are rarely beaten once established. The features of a super car has a vast difference from a regular car. This is the proof of effectiveness and quality control it possesses. Also, the vibe is essential. The speedometer of super cars is beyond “times 60 mph”, quarter-mile and G-force calculations. Finding a brilliant combo on engine horse power to beat the fixed 300 mph is a struggle to major automakers. However, its breakthrough is an achievement to stand the test of time and a major source of balance to land transportation.

The most accurate form to give levels to super cars is Horse Power. As more breakthroughs surface from automobiles, exotic cars are been enhance and empowered to overcome previous limits. The bar on horse power has been raised by automakers. Modern Super car engines now have a starting limit of 603 horse power – 710 horse power. The very aim of increasing the horse power of super cars is to achieve top speed. Speed rate is the glory of automobile and automakers.

What Are The Super Cars For Celebrities – Top Speed Models

A major review on “What Are The Super Cars For Celebrities”, there is speed rating to every vehicle. Inasmuch hyper cars have their own uniqueness and special touch, speed and efficiency is the proposed measurement to cars.

We have a few record wrecking models at our disposal and they are already passed the phase of production and are into the auto market for circulation and use.

Lets list the models and their relative speed limit. Brace yourself on “What Are The Super Cars For Celebrities”.

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Bugatti Chiron SS 300 – 304 mph

Every brand has a year they top the chart on the automobile list. 2019 is the starting point for the glory of the Bugatti Chiron SS. It is celebrated not because of its exquisite design but it is a record breaker.

Yes! it broke the fixed limit of 300 mile per hour. It achieve 304 miles by drive Andy Wallace in Germany. 304 miles per hour is like walking 450 feet per second. Automakers just made Bugatti a miracle speed God.

This miracle is limited. The reason is that its automakers are still on the race to create a more faster, better and efficient hyper car to be the first in history, present and future. Only 30 of this super car is available currently. The “Quad turbo, 8 liters, 16 cylinder engines” exotic car is worth $4 million. This is pretty cool.

Hennessey Venom F5 – 301 mph

The venom F% was previously the King of the Automobiles, until Bugatti happened. Nevertheless, it still broke the speed limit of 300 mph reaching 301 mph. This is a solid margin that every exotic car out there should reckon. It is at the peak of the top speed wars in the century, across the globe.

The Hennessey V. F5 has an exterior design using chassis made of carbon fiber. It possesses a turbo charged engine of V8, 1600 horse power and 7.4 liter. By claims and authentication, the Venom F5 goes to and fro a complete journey of 249 mph in less than half a minute. This is the distance covered by a regular speed car going to a journey, never to come back.

SSC Tuatara – 295 mph

The monstrosity of a speed car “Tuatara” was once revered to hit 316 mph. Of course these were just hyping from fans. A test run was initiated was a speed limit of 205 mph was hit. It may not look promising to the 316 mph but it speed is still top business in the world of automobiles.

The automakers, “SSC” made a very clear assurance that the project Tuatara is still not done. This is beyond a promise and the world is anxious for the monster “Tuatara”.

Koenigsegg Agera RS – 278 mph

The Koenigsegg Agera RS was once known as the speed prince. It glory was overshadowed by Bugatti. However its prowess cannot less emphasized. It can reach a top speed of 278 mph and Swedish automakers made a huge comeback and stripes from this Speed Prince.

Its records is displayed and awarded in the Guinness book of records. This is a proof that the speed prince is at the top pyramid of automobiles.

Hennessey Venom GT – 270 mph

The Hennessey is in a tight battle with Bugatti when it comes to speed control and limit breaking. The Venom GT is a Frankenstein exotic car that boast of 1244 horse power, V8 turbo and 7 liter. This stand alone automobile was a game changer for the Hennessey company in Texas. It recorded a top speed of 270 mph. It is very much available in market circulation.

Bugatti Veyron SS – 268 mph

As a successful offspring of the Volkswagen, Bugatti enjoys dominance on speed limit and exclusive looks. It retains a steady cash flow from it parent to make tremendous outputs in the world of automobiles. Investments on time, resources and man labour has yield the Bugatti Veyron Super Sports.

It comprises of a quad turbocharged, W16 engine and a four wheel 1,001 horse power. It has a cool price of $2million.

SSC Ultimate Aero TT – 256 mph

SSC as a success in the world of automobiles has changed records with the Ultimate Aero TT. This super car hit a speed of 256 mph in the state of Washington.

Thanks to its V8 engine, 1183 horse power, 6.3 liter and twin turbocharged engine, it toppled Koenigsegg and Bugatti from it authority ranking. This is feat to make boast of. The speed direction and line of motion is customized. It is very safe that it doesn’t need electronic driver to aid a straight line motion.

McLaren Speed Tail – 250 mph

Unlike its speed counterparts, the McLaren has a rigid regulation in certain parts of the world. This makes it not to be an ideal sport car for the street. Still, the news of its glory is amazing. Concurrent recording of 250 mph has been made over 30 times in Florida.

Its aim at initial standpoint wasn’t to beat the speed limit of 300 mph. Due to its framed design, aerodynamic body, electric motor output of 1035 horse power, V8 engine and twin-turbo with 4.0 liter; it is best described to be suited for a speed built car.

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What Are The Super Cars For Celebrities? These are the super cars for celebrities.

In the world of cars and automobiles, speed, efficiency and cool looks rock it best. Don’t forget that.

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