Who is the youngest grandma – Exclusive World Record

In a jiffy, i will walk you through on Who is the youngest grandma – Exclusive World Record, 2023 – on planet Earth.

It is a thing worthy of celebration when a woman becomes a mother. And there is a greater joy when a woman is celebrated as a grandma. The sound of little feet of children walking is irresistible to women. It is a sign of completion of womanhood.

However, what happen if it comes too early? Is it a setback to their social lives or a gift of an early maturity. Having a child before a formal introduction/marriage is consider “dishonour” in almost every race or civilization. Lets take a brief review on a youngest grandma on the exclusive world record, 2023.

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Who is the youngest grandma – Exclusive World Record, 2023: a review on a gypsy wife

From civilization and advancement of tech, there is an age kick off between 55 – 60 years before anyone is consider a grandpa or grandma.

Still have that as a basis??? Lets burst your bubble…..

The Romania housewife, Rifca Stanescu was once consider to be the world youngest grandma. While it is considered a blessing to be fruitful as a woman, lets highlight some setbacks and circumstances that this woman encountered.

By books, Rifca Stanescu was said to give birth her daughter “Maria” at a shocking age of 12. However, who could have know 11 years later, her daughter will crown it all. Maria, despite her mothers’ warning became pregnant and delivered at the age of 11 to a baby boy, making Rifca Stanescu an early grandma. How blessed is the family to have an early birth!!!

It is a good thing for a mother to be supportive of her daughter. Rifca Stanescu showed a 100% concern and consent to her daughter being an early mother. She described her feelings as “joy”. It is probably a good thing to shatter previous world records as a woman. “Inasmuch i desire a better thing for Maria and myself, i have no remorse whatsoever” – Says Gypsy wife Rifca Stanescu.

Although Rifca Stanescu says she experience something similar during her childhood. She narrated that she left home with a jewelry seller. As a prevalent culture in Romania, young girls are betrothed at an early age to ensure their virginity is preserved. She described virginity as a common commodity.

She once described the situation as “hell & troublesome”. This reason was due to her been engaged to someone else at the age of 2 and a persistent running away from home lead to her father to attack her beloved Ionel Stanescu with a knife.

Well, it turned out that both women “mother and daughter” has the same trait and the same gift of early maturity and world record shattering.

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Who is the youngest grandma – Exclusive World Record, 2023: a list of game changers

While Rifca Stanescu openly said she is the world youngest grandma, it is not wholesome. As years pass by, many paranormal occurrences have being witnessed. As time flies, many unique traits have surfaced on planet Earth.

Who is the youngest grandma – Exclusive World Record, 2023: lets see the list of game changers and who will uphold the current record of the youngest grandma, 2023.

  • Mum-Zi: History on 1884 tells us that a Nigerian girl gave birth at the age of 8. She is a native of the now “Calabar” and was a wife in the harem of Chief Akkiri. Early child birth was the norms then as she followed her mothers’ footstep in early child bearing.
  • Marcolo Nersta: 17 years Marcolo Nersta, a teen from Walkhk, Burma celebrated her college graduation with a twin set of grandchildren. Her daughter was 10 years when she gave birth to a boy and girl. However, moral justification was questioned because it is off-the-chart for a little to lose her virginity. Besides, catering for twins at an early age is disturbing.
  • Damascus Girl: It is considered a tradition for Jewish girls to marry early. Although there is no particular name, a girl from Damascus got married and became a mom before the age of 10. Also, her daughter followed her footsteps and got married at the age of 12. The Damascus Girl officially became the youngest grandma in the middle east, just at the age of 21.
  • Rifca Stanescu: In the Gypsy community, it is a common and honourable practice to marry at an early age. Rifca Stanescu takes the crown as being the youngest grandma in Roma, at the age of 23. Her daughter, Maria gave birth to a boy at 11. Howbeit the psychology limitations of girl to give birth at 11, Rifca Stanescu gave her full support to her daughter and her grandson “Ion”.
  • Nikola Kostic: German Nikola became a father at the age of 13. As a true son of his father, Stanko followed his footsteps and became a father at the age of 13. Todora Kostic, the mother of Nikola Kostic and grandmother of Stanko Kostic became a celebrated figure at the age of 26 in Germany and worldwide.
  • Belfast Woman: An article published in the UK highlighted that a North Ireland woman became a grandma at the age of 29. Her daughter became a mother at the age of 15. Rather than rejecting her child, she seem happy. She confessed that she also became a mother at the age of 14. As a new life is about to be added to the family, she accounted that she is happy and never shy of the outcome.

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Who is the youngest grandma – Exclusive World Record, 2023: setbacks on child parents

While it is trilling to witness a little girl be a mother, it comes with some major challenges and limitations. Lets highlight these limitations:

  • Due to inexperience, there is a compromise of responsibilities
  • As a result of an early labour, there may result to permanent injury to the reproductive organ of the girl child.
  • Unless special intervention, there is always a hindrance on education to child parent. Most parents would abandon education so as to cater for the daily needs of their infant or ward.
  • Strenuous and painful sexual interaction.
  • Girl parents has a very high exposure to Cervical Cancer. HVP is the most common of these kind of cancer.
  • There is a high mortality rate to forthcoming offspring. These deaths can be the result of girl parent being unhealthy, inexperienced, unimmune and no access to reproductive services.
  • Financial insecurity.

It is breathtaking to witness young talents on child bearing. As a society that promotes oneness and unity, it is encouraged that the society should render assistance to these girl parents, anywhere in the world.

Make them feel that they are not alone. Family upbringing is also important.

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